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EROC 2011

Convention Chair Lynn Mark, DO, reads off the names of the winners of the first annual EROC raffle.
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NYSOMS honoree Humayun (Hank) Chaudhry, DO, the president and CEO of the Federation of State Medical Boards, addresses his fellow DOs at the EROC President's Reception.
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NYSOMS board member, Lisa Eng, DO, an obstetrician-gynecologist, explains the new screening guidelines for women to EROC attendees.
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Rebecca Fishman, DO, lectures about dance and related sports injuries.
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Members of the inaugural class of TouroCOM, the class of 2011, pose with many of the school's academic officers and professors, along with AOA President Karen Nichols, DO.
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TouroCOM officers (l-r) Dr. Jay Sexter, CEO; Sheldon Sirota, DO, Vice President for Osteopathic Medicine; and Robert Goldberg DO, Dean, hold up the plaque presented to their school in recognition of its first graduating class - the class of 2011.
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Back row (l-r) NYCOM professor Sidney Simon, DO, who taught NYCOM's inaugural class, and members of that class—the class of 1981, Evan Nadal, DO; Gary Klingsberg, DO; Louis Verre, DO; and Jeffrey Goldberg, DO. Front row - Susie Chow, DO; and Irene Chow, DO.
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NYSOMS Awards Chair, Freda Lozanoff, DO, and NYCOM Dean, Thomas Scandalis, DO, hold up the plaque presented to NYCOM in recognition of its inaugural class - the class of 1981.
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Stanley Simon, DO, who has taught at NYCOM since the school opened, talks about his experiences during the EROC 2011 President's Reception.
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Elected for a second term, NYSOMS' President Sonia Rivera-Martinez, beams at the crowd.
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Psychiatrist David Baron, DO, teaches EROC attendees about major depressive disorder through a staged role-play exercise, courtesy of a grant from the France Foundation.
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Stephen Wyatt, DO, conducts the classroom portion of a 6-hour CME course on treating patients with opioid use disorders, sponsored by the American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine.
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Suzanne Sirota-Rosenberg, DO, leads the dermatology workshop - complete with pigs' feet - on the second day of EROC.
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AOA Director of Government Relations, Shawn Martin, addresses EROC attendees. Martin gave two presentations; one on healthcare reform and one on the Medical Home concept.
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Lew Bass, DO, who serves as executive director of the New York chapter of ACOFP, conducts his infectious disease workshop at EROC 2011.
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AOA President Karen Nichols, DO, updates NSOMS members on AOA activities during the NYSOMS Annual Meeting.
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NYSOMS President, Sonia-Rivera Martinez, DO, who was elected to a second term at EROC, addresses her constituents.
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Barbara Greenwald, NYSOMS' executive director, gives her annual report to NYSOMS members during their Annual Meeting
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